First mistake, stenciling!


On the 8th or  9th day of my new beginning, I was itching to start painting something. As luck would have it, I was put in the hospital for four long days with severe bronchitis! So, I decided to tackle a small dresser, I had picked it up for $20 at a local church thrift store! I love to purchase something local and to help the church Sunday school, but to also up cycle! It’s a great thing!

I had been preparing for this day for months (OMG I sound like I am about to give birth”, yikes!) I had been pinning different painted furniture ideas, and I found a fabulous grey and white dresser with two baskets in place of the two drawers. Genius!

Now it was off to Hobby Lobby, (one of my most favorite things to do!) had my list in hand with a total of four things on it,  brushes, drawer pulls and two baskets. Oh oh, back up I forgot to tell you the two top drawers to the dresser were not the same and I didn’t even notice it, so I ditched them, (LOL kept for another project) and went with the baskets like the pin. So, I go in “the Devils playground” and like all of you out there  I came home with three bags and about 30 things! I once told my husband I was going to get a job there and he replied, please don’t you will never bring home a paycheck! How true he is.

How I wound up with a stencil I do not know, it wasn’t in the picture, but I loved it. I started to paint one night about 9:00pm to get on the first coat. Maya (the crazy one!) came out to the garage with me to sniff around, next thing I know her tail is grey and the side of the dresser had very nice whispy marks, dotted with black fur. Redo that side! After drying I wanted to put the stencil design on each side of the dresser, so I measured so carefully and taped it on. First let me say I haven’t stenciled in about 15 years and it wasn’t on furniture. The adventure begins…..first attempt (yes first) the paint was too light and I had already taken off the stencil! So, I repainted the side over the stenciling. Again, measured very carefully and taped on the stencil, this time let dry and put put on another coat of a darker grey, color looked great but it bled under the stencil! Oh my gosh! I repainted the side one more time. Then took to the Pinterest family for tricks. I tried the following and it worked great, had to touch up a couple lines but so much better!



This picture shows. where I am at, need to work on putting a shelf on the inside for baskets to sit on. Still haven’t found the correct ones, I am being to picky! It is just like having a baby but the contractions go on and on!

Stay tuned to see how this ends up, and I will be posting more tips to paint your own furniture.








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