In the Begining

My name is…. oh never mind that really doesn’t matter… what does matter is my journey to find happiness in my life, could it be possible?

I have two children that are having puppies all over the house in the form of hair balls! (NO, not cats, Labs! ) let me introduce them Bryce and Maya, the little one (Maya) is just crazy!

I have always loved crafting, especially painting! I have all kinds of half done projects, in fact I once had the idea of starting a store of half completed projects and you could finish them yourself!! CRAZY Right? But what else do you do with them?

So, recently, I had a complete nervous breakdown and decided I was doing nothing in my life that really mattered. I was a Senior Manager with 32 employees under my direction. First off, very, very stressful. Secondly, I would rush home everyday to carpool, fix dinner, do homework, throw in a load of clothes etc…… you all know how it is. I had no time for family!!! Isn’t that what matters in the end? So I quit my job, moved to a smaller place, and started collecting old furniture pieces that were still in good condition. I started with a dresser which brought me here. After the antics of the children and all the happenings, I thought to myself… “somebody sure would get a good laugh at this”. Stick around! Join me as I paint my way to enlightenment and share all the wild and crazy stories along the way.



-The Mad Painter


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